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Frameless Shower Screen Hardware

Frameless shower screen hardware

Durability  is important in the value proposition.

I often get asked if stainless steel is better than brass, with the inquirer presuming that it is.

The true answer is a broad “Stainless Steel isn’t better”.

Stainless steel and brass are both an alloy of numerous metals. Accordingly, the term “brass” or “stainless steel” is rather general, with different compositions being utilised for different purposes.

Stainless steel, is not “stainless” as the name infers. It may well stain in certain grades and when exposed to certain environmental factors. Stainless steel is generally rust free, in the sense of oxidation that progresses to flake. It is however susceptible to what’s known as “tea staining”.

Stainless in shower screen hardware is commonly 304 grade. Chromium plating in itself, will not rust, and is extremely resistant to staining in even moderately aggressive environments. My thoughts are that some people may be recalling rusty old chrome plated bumper bars and cheap chrome plated wire baskets/racks. These are in fact chrome over steel. The steel will rust and force the chroming off, but the chroming is not actually rusting.

Practical science


Salt spray testing is used as a common method of determining frameless shower screen hardware resistance to corrosion (as salt is corrosive). It’s not exhaustive of all corrosive sources, but its a fair base line.

Under salt spray testing, chrome plated brass performs better than does 304 Stainless Steel, in the respect of the surface finish.

The two major contributing factors will have a direct impact on your bathroom hardware;

Environmental factors
Both Stainless Steel and Brass will react less well in more environments. In particular, this can be the case in bathrooms with heavy/corrosive cleaning chemicals.


All your hardware should be regularly cleaned. Surface build up from contaminants will


deteriorate the finish over time. At Trinity, we recommend   3m cleaner and polish

It will clean and also provide a barrier between cleans.

Bleaches, alkaline and acidic cleaners should not be used in bathrooms. This is not only the case for your hardware, but also your glass, tiles, grout and plastic components (not to mention


your health when applying them).


Our opinion
Stainless Steel and chrome plated brass are both suitable for household bathrooms. Chrome plated brass tends to be more long lasting for surface finish.

At Trinity

Most of our hardware is chrome plated brass (or other surface treated brass). You can check out some of our hardware  here


Shower Screen Price 2020

Price Does Matter!


Shower Screen Price 2020

You can purchase a fixed panel from as little as as $220 inc GST.


Shower Screen price wall-to-wall frameless shower screen

Shower Screen price Over bath frameless shower screen

 Shower Screen price frameless diamond corner shower screen

Shower Screen price frameless fixed panel shower screen


We manufacture custom showers in any conceivable size to  suit your bathroom, no matter what dimension or shape. Simply click on the image that most closely resembles the shower type you are looking for. Our cleverly designed website, will allow you to nominate your panel sizes, glass type and hardware finish. You will receive a quotation for supply and supply and install.



We regularly check our competitors pricing to ensure that we provide value;


Highgrove Bathrooms






Subway Tiles - Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation using subway wall tiles

A bathroom renovation using subway wall tiles can insert itself seamlessly into the home,  whilst providing balance to your established design theme. The design of a beautiful bathroom begins with the tiles, as it sets the mood. Subway tiles have been reinvented to provide a broad range, as well as an on-trend concept.

original subway wall tiles

      Underground evolution

Early in the 1900’s,  the subway tile concept was born for use in America’s subway tunnels and platforms. Ease of cleaning was unsurprisingly the primary consideration. This factor lead to a tile with slightly rounded edges. The tiles surface was protected with the use of a glass tile with glaze on the reverse side.

bathroom renovation using subway wall tiles

       Design theory

Existing building

A design that is sympathetic to the existing building is the most straight forward to achieve.

For example, a federation semi in Manly with original themed internal architecture is suited to gloss white brick bond subway tile. If the internals have been tastefully modernised, a 300 X 100 white ceramic, laid in brick bond would work well.



bathroom renovation using subway wall tiles



A striking contemporary cliff top home at Clontarf would perhaps suit itself to honed Thassos marble in 600 X 150, with a honed black granite contrast.





The mood of a design has an immediate conscious, and lasting subconscious effect. Your tiles can evoke feelings of adventure, power, safety, peace and play, to name a few. Emotion doesn’t translate into images, so consider other rooms in your home and how they make you feel. Adventure out to restaurants, bars, hotels, cafe’s and friends houses to see how those bathrooms make an impact upon you.



The surface finish of your tiles will have a considerable influence on the mood of your bathroom. The composition of your tiles will also effect ease of cleaning, cost of product and cost of tiler’s labour. Glass, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone are available in a variety of finishes and colours.


                                            Laying patterns

Tiles can be laid in many patterns, resulting in options for textural interest and variety.

Numerous pattern variations have colloquially taken on the term subway.


Bathroom renovation using subway wall tiles vertical
vertical brick bond
bathroom renovation using subway wall tiles one third bond
one third bond











Practical considerations

When deciding upon your design theme, its a good idea to consider the practicalities.



At Milan Bathrooms, we work with you to create a functional space that is beautiful and enduring for years to come.






Bathroom renovation cost

Bathroom renovation cost

Bathroom renovation cost is a big consideration when planning your project.
Here we set out some realistic amounts and help you on the path of deciding how to manage your bathroom renovation. Importantly, this information is relevant to Sydney in 2019.

Hire a builder or DIY

Managing a renovation project is not quite as simple as you may think. If you hire a builder, it’s likely to cost around 10% to 30% more than if you were to manage it yourself. How much more it costs, depends to some extent on whether the builder is on the tools, or supervises only. If you know and trust tradesman yourself, it may however, be worth managing the project DIY.

How much on work – how much on fittings

There is a broad range of bathroom renovation cost, and this will depend mostly on the extent of works and the level of fittings. Size of bathroom does not have as much impact as you might assume. The overall quality of the works will have an impact of cost. It is good keep the value of fittings on a par with the quality of works. You probably wouldn’t buy a top of the range Mercedes with vinyl interior, therefore the same applies with building.

Cost including fittings;

  • Under $10k – Low quality outcome. DIY management. Fittings $2,000 approx. Framed shower screen.
  • $10k to $15k – Low quality outcome. Hands on builder. Fittings $4,000 approx. Framed shower screen.
  • $15k to $20k – Mid quality outcome. Some layout change. Fittings $5,000 approx. Custom Frameless.
  • $20 to $25k – Upper quality outcome. Layout change. Some structural. Fittings $6,000 approx. Custom Frameless
  • $25 to $30k – Quality outcome. Layout change and structural. Fittings $7,000 to $8,000. Custom Frameless
  • Above $30k. Quality outcome. Layout change and structural. Fittings above $8,000. Custom Frameless


Choosing tradesman

Choosing a tradesman can be daunting but it really isn’t as hard as you may think. Remember that you are not purchasing a product but a service. Importantly, it can’t be assumed that each price you obtain will give you the same result.

Here are some basic tips to follow in order;

  • Understand yourself – Consider what you want in scope, service and quality of work.
  • Budget – Establish a budget before you start calling for prices.
  • Specification – Build a simple form of specification of what you want.
  • Communication – Be open and honest with Trades about what you expect. Gauge responses carefully.
  • Collaborate – Work with Trades to form a relationship that is clear for both but with a mutual goal.
  • People – Chose Trades that are similar to you. Look for reciprocal trust.
  • Negotiating – Negotiate any terms or price in a respectful way and seek responses.
  • Promises – Be wary of anyone that makes unrealistic promises. If it’s sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Mindset – Remember that Trades are people just like you and everyone you know. There are good, bad and all the shades of grey. Your Trades are coming into your home but they are going to work to do their job. Set your expectations reasonably and present these to your Trades before they price your work.

Unforeseen things during the job

Because building is a fluid process, there will always be unforeseen things. This may result in increased cost, delays or a change of plans. If you have specific requirements in this regard, tell your Trades before the job.

Shower screen

You will need to plan out your shower screen right at the beginning, because this has an impact of waterproofing. Pre made shower screens almost never work properly, because walls and floors are almost never level and plumb. This is discussed further at https://www.framelessshowersonline.com.au/frameless-shower-screens-custom-pre-made-whats-difference/


As a fully licensed builder company, we have decades of experience in the bathroom segment of Home Building.

We can help you with all your frameless shower screen needs.



Channel fix frameless shower screen

Channel fix frameless shower screen

Trade post


Installing a channel fix frameless shower screen is the emerging trend . We can do bracket and channel fix. Like all things in building, there are pros and cons to both. The specifier should consider all factors before making a commitment.
The look Aesthetic is the driving driving reason for the request for channel fix. The channels themselves can be difficult to set to the tile face alignment from the outset. We all know that the tiler may run up out of level or have a broken line in the tiling. This can result in the channel not being flush all the way along its length. The tiler installing two tile angles substantially overcomes this issue.






A 3mm silicone joint either side of the glass is recommended for expansion. The silicone bead is more dominant with channel fix. The bead with bracket fix is somewhat concealed by the glass itself. Images containing bracket fix can be seen here.
Deflection, lateral stability and stiffness We use a 50mm X 50mm X 5mm bracket which provides a certain amount stiffness, which reduces the deflection when bracket fixing. This can be a particular advantage with the hinge panel.

Gap between panels is nominally 2 to 5mm. Whilst this gap is sufficient if there is no movement in the elements themselves, it leaves the risk of deflection during use. The door will deflect as the moment changes, if swung at speed. 1mm of deflection can make the difference between two panels touching or not. A channel fix frameless shower screen will be somewhat panel less stiff than a bracket fixed panel. This can increasing risk of glass breakage with heavy use.




The process for a bracket fix shower screen is to measure the finished tiling and order all of the panels. We install the shower screen in one shot, whether it be a single panel or a 3 panel corner shower. Walls and floors are generally out of level to some extent. Toughened glass has some inherent curvature due to the furnace process.This curvature can present complexity during the installation process. Generally we install the hinge panel first and hang the door. We then fit the return panel.

The alignment of the door to return panel (often as a result of glass curvature) regularly requires adjustment during installation. This can often only be achieved by adjusting the hinge panel marginally (perhaps 1 or 2mm) off exact plumb. This all works well for bracket fix. We cannot hang the door off the hinge panel on the same day. This is because there is only wet silicone holding it in place. This means that we must set the hinge panel in place and then return another day to fit the door and return panel, meaning we no longer have the ability to adjust the hinge panel. Channel fix can result in unavoidable inaccuracy in joint alignment between the door and the return panel.


Channel fix saves the cost of some glass processing (holes) and brackets themselves. Bracket and hole cost is in the order of $20 per fixing location. Channel fix will require an additional site visit if there is one screen with a door and is generally more fiddly. As a rule channel fix is more expensive.

What we think

In building we all want happy clients, it just makes good sense for everyone involved. The end user wants channel fix because they perceive that is will look better than bracket fix. In our opinion, channel fix does not look better than bracket fix, it does however have a different look. We have found that the end result does not always meet the end users pre conceived expectations.
If you are looking to have channel fix, chat with us some more about what can be achieved and what cannot.

Frameless Shower Price

Frameless Shower price – it’s so hard to find online?! Shower Screens Price-custom frameless-Sydney-Newcastle

Shower Screen Price – It’s not hard with us!

Here’s how to get your shower screen price (Estimate 2 minutes.);

Shower Screens Price - frameless next to bath shower screen
Click to get next-to-bath frameless shower price


  • Click here or the image above
  • Input your style and measurements
  • Fill out the inquiry.
  • Get your fixed price same day.
  • No call backs, no follow ups or pressure sellers.


Can i get my frameless shower screen for $200?

You can get a pre-made shower screen for close to $200.

The catch………………..

Pre made frameless shower screens only really work over a shower tray.

 Shower Screen price frameless diamond corner shower screen
Click to get diamond corner frameless shower price


If you have a shower tray and can pick up and install yourself, here are some prices;

900 X 2000 fixed panel;

900 x 900 x 2000 corner shower;

Read some more about your decision between Pre-made or custom.

Shower Screen price wall-to-wall frameless shower screen
Click to get wall-to-wall frameless shower price


Why are pre-made frameless shower screens made if they don’t fit tiled floors?


In Australia we build to extremely high standards,

but also quite differently to the rest of the world in this regard. We are one of the only countries that use waterproofing in bathrooms.

Most other countries use shower trays as opposed to tiled shower floors. Most other countries don’t use floor wastes outside the shower (like we do).

Why is there such a difference in price?

A Pre-made shower screen price is lower, primarily because they are made over seas in bulk (by the tens of thousands) and shipped all over the world.

A custom screen is cut, processed and toughened here in Australia on a per piece basis. Those factors impact upon the overall

 Shower Screen Price - corner frameless shower screen
Click to get corner frameless shower price



shower screen price.

Typically, when you’re looking at pre-made pricing, you need to pick up and install yourself. With a custom frameless shower screen, the provider will site measure and then return to deliver and install.


Is the quality the same?

You may have heard stories in the media recently about imploding glass

and showerscreens being taken off the shelves is Bunnings.

Like most imported product, there is good and bad. It is the seller that chooses the product quality to on-sell, so you are relying on their expertise. Cheap imported stuff is generally poor quality.

That’s not to say that all pre-made imported screens are poor quality, some are not.

Shower Screen price frameless fixed panel shower screen
Click to get fixed panel frameless shower price

The value proposition

Of course it’s hard to compare two things which are fundamentally different. In a nutshell it is likely that pre-made will be lesser quality at a lower price. That lesser price is likely to result in a finished product that does not fit as well or appear as neat as a custom product. The glass and hardware are likely to be higher quality in a custom shower screen.

Our opinion

A custom made shower screen is a superior choice for installation in any bathroom.


At Trinity

Shower Screen price Over bath frameless shower screen
Click to get over bath frameless shower price


Our glass and hardware quality is second to none.

All of our installed shower screens are supported by our 3-6-10 year warranty



<span>Frameless Shower Screens</span> - Is glass safe


Have you considered glass safety before choosing your shower screen?

Most people have broken glass at some time. It may be a drinking glass, a mirror, a baking dish or even your car windscreen. Have noticed that not all broken glass looks the same?

The foundation product for manufactured glass is annealed or ‘float’ glass, This topic is discussed in a previous post frameless shower screens- is glass just glass

Frameless shower screens cannot be made using float glass, as it’s very sharp when broken.

The Australian Standards set out criteria for shower screen glass safety. The most suitable method is heat toughening. The glass is fired at approximately 600C.

Our shower screen glass is significantly stronger than float glass because its toughened. It is also much safer than float glass, because heat toughened glass breaks into cube like pieces.

The two major contributing factors that have a direct result on the resilience of toughened glass are;

 Contaminants inclusion

These ‘inclusions’ can have varying consequence on the end performance of the glass. Nickel Sulphide inclusion can reveal itself in glass during toughening or after installation. Accurate batching is important to reduce contaminates as much as possible. Contaminate inclusion can cause failure of toughened glass.

 Inaccurate Toughening

Consistent furnace temperature is crucial to the toughening process.  It’s important that ‘quenching’ is even and suitably rapid. Inaccurate toughening can result in weaker glass and potentially lay complex stresses within the glass that can lead to glass failure. Inaccurate toughening is a common fault in some imported frameless shower screens.

Our opinion

Accurately toughened glass is suitably safe for use in the manufacture of frameless shower screens. Therefore, it is important to know the quality and consistency of the glass used in your home.. Ask questions about the reliability of your glass manufacturer. Australian manufacturers are among the best in the world.


We trade exclusively with Viridian and Gjames for our glass supply. Gjames in Sydney toughens all of our glass. These house-hold name companies have a long history of reliability within the glazing industry.

Frameless Shower Screens - is glass just glass

<span>low iron or standard glass

low iron or standard glass

Glass is a broad architectural medium with new glass products emerging on the market.
Here we take you through standard and low iron glass, to consider, is all glass created equal.


What is standard shower screen glass

Standard glass begins with annealed or ‘float’ glass. This sheet form glass is what you see used in small house windows.
Float glass shatters in a dangerous way, therefore shower screen glass must be treated for safety.  Read more about this subject at frameless shower screens- is glass 

How standard glass looks

A deep green colour is quite noticeable on the edge of glass. On thick glass, the green becomes noticeable on the face. The green is more pronounced against white backgrounds. Certain lighting conditions can accentuate the green hue further. The green tone has a tendency to reduce the feeling of space within a bathroom.

what is low iron glass

A reduction of the green tone is achievable by lowering the iron content in the glass. The glazing industry refers to this glass as “low iron”.
Differing factors such as the colour of the Silica (most common constituent of sand) can impact upon the final colour of the low Iron glass. Increasingly the market is demanding glass of a superior clarity for Architectural items such as shower screens and furniture. For decades, major retailers have been using low Iron glass in shop windows and jewelry displays cabinets because of its ability to present window dressings more true to life.

Our opinion

If you see the beauty of glass as being in its clarity, then you will appreciate the difference of our low iron glass.


At TFS, we produce shower screens of superior clarity using Claralite™ glass.
We incorporate Claralite™ in our range, specifically for its optical clarity.
Please request a free sample if you would like to see the difference for yourself.

Custom or pre-made

<span>Frameless Shower Screens</span> - Custom or pre-made


Custom or pre – made

After a search on Google, you will notice that frameless shower screens online are pre-made. If you’re in the market for a frameless shower screen, you’ll need to decide…… custom or pre – made.



Pre – made screens are not available in many sizes. A pre-made shower will limit your options to achieve the optimal layout because bathrooms are small spaces. A pre-made screen will not suit as a replacement shower screen because the shower cubicle size cannot be changed. Importantly, a pre – made rarely works in a new  bathroom either.

The other consideration is the walls and floors. Pre-made shower screen panels are square so they will not suit out of level walls and floors. Out of level walls are the norm, even in a new home.  Use a spirit level to inspect your bathroom to see how level your tiling is in the screen location. There are usually no options for glass and hardware.

On the plus side, a Pre-made is the cheaper option.


Your shower screen is measured after the tiling, because the tiling dictates the shower screen size. You can also incorporate detailed refinements such as finishing the vertical edge of your shower door inline with the wall mixer, tile joint or shaving cabinet. These subtle details are hallmarks of a true designer bathroom. With a custom product, there are options for high clarity glass. This is discussed in more detail at frameless glass showers- is glass just glass.


You will need to decide to go custom or pre – made. A custom made frameless shower screen provides a higher level of finish, with a greater range of options.


We specialize in custom frameless shower screen with options of chrome, satin chrome and matt black. We offer 3 different types of glass, including the popular  Claralite™.

<span>Frameless Shower Screens</span> - weighing up the alternatives

Frameless glass alternatives

Let’s take a quick look at what else is out there.

The Australian market has 3 formats of shower screen. Fully framed, semi framed (often called perimeter framed) and frameless glass.
Shower screens are manufactured as custom or made to measure, this is discussed further at frameless shower screens-custom or pre-made

Fully framed

Sliding and swinging doors are both available. Glass is generally thin and there is a frame around all panels. The glass is often laminated,. The customer may find milky bubbles in laminated glass. Fully framed generally looks basic and the frames can be somewhat difficult to clean. On the up side, they are good for water control, as the frame across the threshold keeps surface water inside the cubicle even under extreme use.

Semi Framed

Semi Framed is generally available in swinging door only, which often opens in and out. A top frame is usually incorporated, along with vertical frames against the walls. notably, the door itself is pivot hinged with no frames down the vetical edges. This leaves a visual finish that is fairly tidy. The glass thickness is commonly only 6mm, therefore it can look a touch flimsy.

Frameless Glass

Frameless glass is available in swinging, sliding and fixed. Generally the swinging door opens in and out. This style has no frame at all, hence the name. Frameless glass is available in thickness’s of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Occassionally, over bath panels and budget screens come in 8mm. Doors sag is a known issue with using 12mm glass. The most common glass thickness is 10mm.

The simple sophistication of a frameless glass shower screen is visually far superior to the alternatives.

Our opinion

Fully framed and semi framed are serviceable and can therefore be handy for budget bathrooms or utility type spaces.

A frameless shower is ideal for a stylised bathroom or Architectural design.


We specialise in quality made to measure frameless showers with a range of glass and hardware options.