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Frameless Shower Screens – Custom or pre-made

Custom or pre-made


Custom or pre – made

After a search on Google, you will notice that frameless shower screens online are pre-made. If you’re in the market for a frameless shower screen, you’ll need to decide…… custom or pre – made.



Pre – made screens are not available in many sizes. A pre-made shower will limit your options to achieve the optimal layout because bathrooms are small spaces. A pre-made screen will not suit as a replacement shower screen because the shower cubicle size cannot be changed. Importantly, a pre – made rarely works in a new  bathroom either.

The other consideration is the walls and floors. Pre-made shower screen panels are square so they will not suit out of level walls and floors. Out of level walls are the norm, even in a new home.  Use a spirit level to inspect your bathroom to see how level your tiling is in the screen location. There are usually no options for glass and hardware.

On the plus side, a Pre-made is the cheaper option.


Your shower screen is measured after the tiling, because the tiling dictates the shower screen size. You can also incorporate detailed refinements such as finishing the vertical edge of your shower door inline with the wall mixer, tile joint or shaving cabinet. These subtle details are hallmarks of a true designer bathroom. With a custom product, there are options for high clarity glass. This is discussed in more detail at frameless glass showers- is glass just glass.


You will need to decide to go custom or pre – made. A custom made frameless shower screen provides a higher level of finish, with a greater range of options.


We specialize in custom frameless shower screen with options of chrome, satin chrome and matt black. We offer 3 different types of glass, including the popular  Claralite™.

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