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Frameless Shower Screen Hardware

Frameless shower screen hardware

Durability  is important in the value proposition.

I often get asked if stainless steel is better than brass, with the inquirer presuming that it is.

The true answer is a broad “Stainless Steel isn’t better”.

Stainless steel and brass are both an alloy of numerous metals. Accordingly, the term “brass” or “stainless steel” is rather general, with different compositions being utilised for different purposes.

Stainless steel, is not “stainless” as the name infers. It may well stain in certain grades and when exposed to certain environmental factors. Stainless steel is generally rust free, in the sense of oxidation that progresses to flake. It is however susceptible to what’s known as “tea staining”.

Stainless in shower screen hardware is commonly 304 grade. Chromium plating in itself, will not rust, and is extremely resistant to staining in even moderately aggressive environments. My thoughts are that some people may be recalling rusty old chrome plated bumper bars and cheap chrome plated wire baskets/racks. These are in fact chrome over steel. The steel will rust and force the chroming off, but the chroming is not actually rusting.

Practical science


Salt spray testing is used as a common method of determining frameless shower screen hardware resistance to corrosion (as salt is corrosive). It’s not exhaustive of all corrosive sources, but its a fair base line.

Under salt spray testing, chrome plated brass performs better than does 304 Stainless Steel, in the respect of the surface finish.

The two major contributing factors will have a direct impact on your bathroom hardware;

Environmental factors
Both Stainless Steel and Brass will react less well in more environments. In particular, this can be the case in bathrooms with heavy/corrosive cleaning chemicals.


All your hardware should be regularly cleaned. Surface build up from contaminants will


deteriorate the finish over time. At Trinity, we recommend   3m cleaner and polish

It will clean and also provide a barrier between cleans.

Bleaches, alkaline and acidic cleaners should not be used in bathrooms. This is not only the case for your hardware, but also your glass, tiles, grout and plastic components (not to mention


your health when applying them).


Our opinion
Stainless Steel and chrome plated brass are both suitable for household bathrooms. Chrome plated brass tends to be more long lasting for surface finish.

At Trinity

Most of our hardware is chrome plated brass (or other surface treated brass). You can check out some of our hardware  here

Frameless Shower Screen Hardware, Frameless Shower Screen Hardware,


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