Add the finishing touch to your bathroom with a glass shower screen over bath design

If your bathroom needs a refreshing facelift an over-bath shower screen may be just what you’re looking for. For baths with over-bath shower heads, a fixed panel frameless shower screen creates a demarcated shower section while maintaining an open, airy flow to the bathroom space.

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Create a cohesive dedicated shower place with an above bath shower screen

Combined shower bathtubs are excellent space savers in small bathrooms, but the need for shower curtains and framed screens can make the bathroom seem smaller. A frameless over bath shower screen from Trinity will create an open, light bathroom space while still providing screening for the shower area.


Want to get an idea of how your bathroom could look with a stunning new over bath shower screen? Browse our gallery for shower screen inspiration.

Expert shower screen over bathtub design and installation with the frameless shower screen specialists

At Trinity Frameless Showers we measure and install over bath frameless shower screens to any specifications. No matter the dimensions of your bathroom or the vision you have for your over bath shower screen, our professional builder can create a bespoke shower screen that ticks all the boxes. With a range of high-quality glasses available including ultra-clear, frosted and easy-clean options, we’ll be able to install the exact shower you need.


At Trinity Frameless Showers we’re experts in the design, creation and installation of frameless showers, and we’ve installed countless custom shower screen over bathtub designs.


Get in touch today for an easy same-day quote from a professional builder.

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Discover our shower screen over bathtub options

Choose from a premium range of glasses, hardware and installation options to create the ultimate over bath shower screen for your bathroom.

Types of Over Bath Shower Screen

Over bath shower screens are ideal for tubs with over-bath showerheads. A frameless shower screen acts as the perfect protection for the shower while leaving the bathroom space open and airy. Regardless of your bathroom decor, an over-bath shower screen will blend in seamlessly with its minimalist design and barely-there appearance.


We offer a range of installation options for our over bath shower screens including:


  • Bracket fix — bracket fixing involves attaching your over bath shower screen to the wall using two small square-shaped metal brackets.


  • Channel fix — channel fix uses a single wall channel to fix the glass panel in place. The channel runs the length of the glass panel and is concealed within the wall tiling, leaving no visible signs of support and creating an ultra-sleek finish.
  • Bath to ceiling — the holy grail of wet area glass design, floor to ceiling frameless shower panels create a clear, uninterrupted flow and work particularly well in natural stone and slab laid bathrooms.


Over bath shower screens are an easy way to give your tired bathroom a fresh new look, and our whole process from quote to installation only takes around two weeks. To get started simply get in touch and tell us about your dream over bath shower screen. Our professional builder will get back to you within 24 hours with a detailed quote.


An over bath fixed shower screen will bring a sleek, timeless finish to your bathroom. For our over bath shower screens, we offer a choice of stylish hardware finishes designed to tie in your shower effortlessly with the rest of your bathroom regardless of your decor style.


Our hardware options for over bath shower screens include:

  • Brackets — If your over bath shower screen is secured to your bathroom wall using brackets we offer a variety of contemporary, minimalist brackets for you to choose from. Our solid cast brass brackets are available in chrome, matt black, brushed nickel, brushed brass, matt white and gunmetal grey.


  • Channel fix — A channel fix shower involves fixing the glass panel of your over bath shower screen into a wall channel, removing the need for brackets.


All our shower hardware pieces are manufactured to our high Standards and come backed with a three year structural and finish warranty.

Types of Glass

At Trinity Frameless Showers we offer a hand-picked selection of premium glass options including ultra-clear, frosted and easy-clean finishes. All our glasses are heat-treated for safety and backed by our 3 – 6 – 10 year warranty. We’ll cut the glass of your choice to whatever size and specifications you need and create a unique, stylish shower screen for your bath area.


Our glass options include:


  • Standard — Our standard frameless shower screen glass is 10mm thick, edge polished and heat toughened safety glass. Heat-treated at 600°C and rapidly cooled for extra strength, our standard safety glass is up to five times tougher than regular glass. Plus, in the rare event of accidental breakage, all our glasses will break into safer crushed-ice like pieces and not into dangerous shards.


  • Claralite — If you want to create an open, uninterrupted bathroom space then our ultra-clear Claralite glass is the perfect choice. Claralite is produced with reduced iron content to minimise the natural green hue present in all glass, creating an extra-clear, clean finish.
  • Frosted — For enhanced privacy and a touch of interest frosted glass is the ideal choice for your over bath shower screen. We offer both our standard and Claralite glasses in frosted finishes. Frosted glass appears pale green or white depending on lighting conditions.
  • Easy Clean Enduroshield — Enduroshield glass can reduce cleaning times by up to 90% thanks to its ultra-long-lasting invisible shield protective coating. This coating seals the glass at a microscopic level, making it oil and water repellent, keeping it cleaner for longer and making cleaning much easier.


Not sure which glass will best suit your bathroom? Request your free glass samples today to see how our various glass options will look in your home.


How much do over bath shower screens cost?


The cost of your over bath shower screen will depend on the installation, glass type and fittings you choose along with the dimensions of your shower screen.


A Trinity Frameless Showers our professional builder will measure, supply and install a custom frameless over bath shower screen to your specifications. For an easy, accurate quote on your ideal over bath shower screen get in touch with us today for a fast same-day quote.


We also offer stock size frameless shower screen panels which can be used by the trade and DIYers for over bath shower screens. Our stock panels come in various sizes starting from $629 including chrome hardware. For more information on our stock frameless shower products, refer to our price list.


How long does it take to install an over bath frameless shower screen?


At Trinity Frameless Showers our trained professionals can install your over bath shower screen in a single day. Our entire process from requesting a quote to measuring, ordering and installation typically takes about two weeks.


Are frameless showers easy to clean?


Yes. Frameless showers including our over bath showers are far easier to clean than traditional framed or semi-frameless showers thanks to their lack of framing, hardware, seals and edges. These features can harbour soap scum and dirt in hard-to-reach places, making them difficult to clean. Frameless showers like the ones installed by our trained professionals are easy to clean with only minimal brackets and hardware.


For an ultra-easy to clean over bath shower screen we recommend choosing EnduroShield glass which is proven to be up to 90% easier to clean than regular glass.


How do I clean my frameless over bath shower screen?


We recommend cleaning your shower screen at least once a week to remove deposits from the glass and hardware, even if it seems relatively clean. This helps to prevent hard build-up from forming. Simply clean your hardware and screens with a microfibre cloth and a solution of water and mild detergent or vinegar.


Are frameless shower screens safe?


Yes. At Trinity Frameless Showers all our frameless shower screens are made to Australian Standards using heat-toughened safety glass. This glass is up to five times tougher than normal float glass and is designed to break into safe, crushed-ice like pieces when broken.


Why should I choose Trinity Frameless Showers to design and install my new over bath shower screen?


When you work with Trinity Frameless Showers you’re working with the frameless shower experts. That means you’re getting the guaranteed best service from experienced trained professionals and builders specialising in frameless shower design, construction and installation.


At Trinity Frameless Showers we can design and install a custom shower screen to suit your needs and specifications. We deliver top tier customer service and excellent products every single time and we pride ourselves on our quick, easy quotes, ultra-fast turnarounds and impeccable installation.


Our shower screens come backed up by 3 – 6 – 10 year warranties with expert installation and guaranteed satisfaction.


If you’re looking for a unique, custom frameless shower screen designed and installed by the best in the business, then Trinity Frameless Showers is for you.


What’s the difference between a frameless and a semi-frameless shower screen?


As the name suggests, a frameless shower screen has no frames whatsoever and is fixed to the walls of your bathroom using either brackets or channels for a clean, barely-there finish. Meanwhile, a semi-frameless shower has both framed and unframed edges. Semi-frameless showers will also usually require a bulky floor channel which can become a tripping hazard.


One of the main benefits of a frameless shower is the ease with which it can be kept clean. With no frames, seals or other items to harbour soap scum, mould and dirt, frameless showers are easy to clean and maintain. This benefit is significantly reduced with a semi-frameless shower.


Do you offer warranties on your over bath shower screens?


Yes. We offer 3 — 6 — 10-year warranties on all our over bath shower screens. Our shower screens are constructed using the highest quality Australian Standard compliant products and are installed by skilled professionals specialising in frameless showers.


Please note all warranties require that you adhere to our TFS Care and Maintenance guidelines.


What’s covered under your warranty?


3 Years


The entire shower screen including the product and workmanship is warranted for a full three years.


  • This specifically warrants that;
    • Hardware will not flake, oxidise or generally fail.
    • Glass fixing to walls and floors will not fail.
    • Silicone will not peel away, leak or crack.

6 Years


The structural integrity and components of your shower are warranted for a full six years.


  • This specifically warrants that;
  • Hardware components will not crack or fail to perform the task of securing the panels and door.
  • Silicone will not peel away or crack.

10 Years

The easy clean coating is warranted for a full 10 years.


  • This specifically warrants that;
  • The easy-clean treatment will remain in place on your shower screen.
  • The treatment will not crack, peel or discolour.


If you have any questions about our warranties please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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