Stylish custom frameless corner shower screens designed to enhance your bathroom

If your bathroom is in need of a chic modern upgrade, then an elegant frameless corner shower screen is the finishing touch you’ve been searching for. Our frameless shower screens are both contemporary and timeless and will instantly lift your bathroom, creating a sense of space, light and airiness.

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Frameless glass is easy to clean and hygienic. Your new frameless corner shower will be void of those frames and channels that harbor mould spores and grime.

Make the most of your bathroom space with a made-to-order frameless corner shower screen. Our certified builder will assess your space and create a custom shower screen that fits and complements your bathroom.

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Get your dream corner shower screen installed in no time at all with Trinity Frameless Showers. We offer easy a same-day price on all our custom frameless corner shower screens. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll be back within hours with a tailored quote. We specialise in fast efficient service with most shower screens installed within two weeks of ordering. The installation process can be done in a single day ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Choose from a range of beautiful, low-maintenance glass options and stylish modern hardware in chrome, matt black, brushed brass and more. Explore our range and browse our gallery for inspiration and get in touch today.

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Frameless Glass Corner Showers

Give your bathroom a facelift with the perfect glass corner shower screen. Choose from a range of styles, glasses and quality hardware to create a shower screen that elevates your space.

Types of Corner Shower Screen

Frameless corner shower screens are one of our most popular offerings and it’s not hard to see why. These space-saving shower units are timeless, stylish and easy to maintain. Whatever style of corner shower screen you’re after, we can install it for you. Our expert builder can recommend the best type of corner shower screen for your bathroom to maximise your space and complement the style and layout of your room. We offer the following corner shower options:


  • Hinged door— A corner shower with a hinged door entry incorporated into one of the panels or hinged off the bathroom wall. This configuration is suitable for bathrooms with a decent amount of space into which the hinged door can open. Our builders can adjust the width and opening point of your door to suit the configuration of your space.
  • Corner entry — The doors open on the corner of the shower with the door edges meeting to form the corner of the shower cubicle. Corner entry showers create an interesting, modern feel to your bathroom.
  • Sliding — A sliding door and fixed panel are installed on one side. The fixed panel can abutt the wall or the corner with the door usually closing by meeting the corner. Sliding entry is suited to compact bathrooms or for those looking to maximise their bathroom space.
  • Corner sliding entry — The sliding door opens at the corner of the shower cubicle where the two glass panels meet and slides towards the bathroom wall. Again, this style is best for those who prefer a compact design that removes the need to factor in space for sinks, toilets and other bathroom fittings.


If you’re unsure which frameless corner shower screen style will best suit your bathroom please get in touch. We’ll gladly talk you through our options and help you find the perfect solution for your bathroom.


Frameless shower screens are light on hardware, with only minimalist hinges, handles and brackets holding them in place. This is what gives them their effortless, modern aesthetic and makes them a breeze to clean. Although the hardware items on your frameless shower will be minimal it’s still a great opportunity to tie your shower in with the rest of your bathroom’s styling. We offer a range of colours, materials and finishes on our frameless shower screen hardware so you can tailor your screen to match your bathroom.


  • Hinges — Our solid cast brass hinges come in both straight and angled options to suit a range of shower styles. Both options are available in chrome, matt black, brushed nickel, brushed brass, matt white and gunmetal grey. Our hinges facilitate 90° opening in and out of the shower with gentle self-closing from approximately 25° and self-aligning within around 5°.
  • Sliding – Our frameless sliding shower hardware incorporates a stainless steel bar that the door hangs from. Stainless steel rollers are attached to door, which fit over the rail. The sliding shower is completely free of floor tracks and frames around the glass.
  • Handles — We offer a selection of modern, minimalist door handles in solid cast brass for your selection, featuring grooved grips for easy opening with wet hands. Our handles are all configured in streamlined, geometric shapes for a timeless, classic finish available in chrome, matt black, brushed nickel, brushed brass, matt white and gunmetal grey.
  • Brackets — Shower brackets are the hardware that will fix your shower panels to the wall and to each other. Our solid cast brass brackets are designed in a minimalist square shape for barely-there style. Available in chrome, matt black, brushed nickel, brushed brass, matt white and gunmetal grey, these functional pieces will set the seal on your modern corner shower screen with their simple elegance.
  • Channel fix — The glass is inserted into a channel for a bracket-free finish, perfect for those who want a clean, minimalist finish on their frameless shower screens.

All our shower hardware pieces are manufactured to the highest standard and come with a three year structural and finish warranty. Browse our straight hinges, angled hinges, handles and brackets to get inspired for the finishing touches on your new frameless glass corner shower.

Types of Glass

All our custom glass is cut, processed and toughened in Australia. We offer our customers a range of high-quality glass types to choose from, from ultra-clear to frosted and easy-clean options.


  • Standard — At Trinity Frameless Showers our standard glass is 10mm thick, edge polished and heat toughened safety glass. The heat toughened glass we use for our frameless shower screens is heat-treated at 600°C and rapidly cooled for added strength of up to five times that of regular glass. This process also ensures that in the rare event of breakage the glass breaks into crushed-ice like pieces rather than dangerous shards.


  • Claralite — If you want crystal-clear, high-clarity glass for that barely-there look then Claralite Glass is what you’re looking for. All normal glass has a green hue which becomes more noticeable the thicker the glass gets. Produced to order, Claralite gets its clarity thanks to the manufacturers reducing the iron content in the molten glass batch. Claralite increases the feeling of spaciousness with the bathroom.
  • Frosted — Those who prefer added privacy are drawn to our stylish frosted shower screens. Frosted glass is produced by etching one side of a standard glass panel with an acid solution, creating a slightly translucent matt finish which is then polished over. Frosted glass can appear pale green or white depending on the lighting and lends both privacy and individuality to contemporary bathrooms. Frosted shower screens are available in standard and Claralite.
  • Reeded – Also know as Narrowline and Fluted glass. Harking back to the earlier part of the 1900’s, reeded glass is making a resurgence in shower screens. One side is smooth, with the other have deep parallel valley’s formed into the surface. Narrowline glass creates a unique shower for those unafraid to make a design statement. It is especially suited to floor to ceiling fixed panels.
  • Easy Clean Enduroshield — If you’re sick of wasting time cleaning your shower screen then EnduroShield is your dream come true. This treated glass is proven to reduce cleaning time by up to 90% thanks to its ultra-long lasting invisible shield shower screen protection which permanently seals the glass at a microscopic level. EnduroShield is both water and oil repellent, which keeps it cleaner for longer, is more hygienic and makes cleaning virtually effortless.


Not sure which glass will complement your bathroom best? Request your free glass samples to see how our various glasses will look in your bathroom.


How much do frameless showers cost?


The cost of your frameless shower will vary depending on the style of your corner shower, the glass type you choose, your fittings and the dimensions of your shower.


For tradies or DIY installers, we also offer stock size frameless shower screens for a variety of frameless showers. Our corner shower stock panels come in four sizes starting from $629 including chrome hardware. For more information on our stock frameless shower products check out our price list.


Our professional builder can measure, supply and install any imaginable frameless corner shower screen. For an accurate quote on your dream corner shower screen get in touch with us today for an easy same-day quote.


How long does it take to install a frameless shower screen?


At Trinity Frameless Showers we can install your corner frameless shower screen in a single day. Our professional builders will ensure minimal disruption and downtime to your home by installing your new corner shower screen quickly and efficiently. We’ll be in and out of your bathroom within a matter of hours and leave behind your brand new corner frameless shower screen.


From requesting a quote to having your new corner shower installed, our entire process including measuring, ordering and installation usually takes around two weeks.


Are frameless showers easy to clean?


Yes. Frameless shower screens are easy to clean thanks to their lack of edges, hardware and framing where soap scum and dirt can build up on traditional shower screens.


Traditional framed showers have channels and plastic seals which harbour dirt and mould, making them unsightly and unhygienic. These elements usually require fiddly, time-consuming cleaning with scrubbing and cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.


For ultra-fast cleaning, we recommend EnduroShield glass. This treated glass is specially designed for easy cleaning and is proven to reduce cleaning times by up to 90% thanks to its water and oil repelling properties. Only once-weekly gentle cleaning is needed with non-toxic chemicals like vinegar or mild detergent.


How do I clean my frameless shower screen?


Your frameless shower screens should be cleaned weekly to remove all deposits from the glass and hardware. Even if your shower screen looks relatively clean we recommend cleaning it every week to avoid a hard build-up forming. Use a microfibre cloth and a solution of water and mild detergent or vinegar to gently clean your hardware and screens.


Your frameless glass panels may be cleaned using Windex. Be sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle. Hardware including handles, hinges and brackets may be cleaned using 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner. Again, please ensure you follow all manufacturer’s instructions.


We recommend avoiding rough, gritty, abrasive or highly acidic or alkaline cleaners as these can cause irreparable damage to your shower screens. Use only cleaners intended for glass cleaning, never use products like Gumption, Jif, Ajax or Mr Muscle and even specific shower cleaners like Shower Power — these products should never be used on glass.


Do frameless shower screens leak?


No one wants a leaky shower. Over years of specialising in frameless showers, at Trinity, we have developed unique installation techniques and specialty materials to deliver a highly effective frameless shower screen system.


Are frameless shower screens safe?


Frameless shower screens made from heat toughened glass are perfectly safe. Manufactured annealed or ‘float’ glass is the typical glass used in other glass products and is very sharp when broken. This type of glass should never be used in shower screens. The Australian Standards for shower screen glass safety states that glass must be suitably strengthened, and the best way to do it is through heat toughening. Heat toughening is done by heating glass to approximately 600°C and then rapidly cooling it, creating glass that is five times tougher than float glass.


Glass used in shower screens is not only strong, it’s also designed to break into safer, crushed-ice like pieces when broken.


Why should I choose Trinity Frameless Showers to install my frameless corner shower screen?


At Trinity Frameless Showers we specialise exclusively in frameless shower screens. This is what we do day in, day out and we’re the experts in our field. We have installed countless frameless shower screens for clients.


We create custom frameless shower screens which means we can produce almost any conceivable size, style and format of frameless shower screen. All our materials and components are of the highest quality and sourced from trusted suppliers.


Your shower screen will be installed by a skilled professional with premium craftsmanship guaranteed. All our shower screens are backed up by a 3—6—10-year warranty. We pride ourselves on top-tier customer service, fast turnarounds and premium quality installations. We offer same-day quotes and most of our shower screens are installed within two weeks.


If you’re looking for a unique, custom frameless shower screen that suits your bathroom to a tee delivered by experts in the field, then Trinity Frameless Showers is for you.


Will a frameless corner shower screen look good in my bathroom?


Frameless corner shower screens can complement almost any bathroom style. These sleek, effortless shower cubicles create a barely-there minimal look that will fit in with almost any aesthetic. For a modern monochrome bathroom, a corner frameless glass shower with matt black fixtures will tie the room together perfectly. In a bathroom where colour is the star, a frameless shower screen will let the tiles and fixtures shine through without interrupting the flow of the room. In a clean, bright bathroom with minimalist white lines and ceramic fixtures, a frameless shower can enhance the lightness and add to the airy feel of the room.


The short answer is no matter what decor style you’ve chosen for your bathroom a frameless shower will work well, either enhancing the look of a modern, contemporary bathroom or blending seamlessly into a uniquely styled space.


What’s the difference between a frameless and a semi-frameless shower screen?


As the name suggests, a frameless shower screen has no frame at all while a semi-frameless shower combines both framed and frameless edges. Frameless shower screens are typically built from thicker glass than semi-frameless or framed shower screens. Frameless shower screen panels are connected to each other and to walls and using brackets and joints, leaving the rest of the panel free from a frame.


Semi-frameless showers don’t achieve the clean, minimalist style of a fully frameless shower. Additionally, semi-frameless showers contain more hardware fittings and fixtures which can gather grime, soap scum and dirt, making them harder to clean. They typically incorporate a bulky channel on the floor which causes a trip obstacle.


At Trinity Frameless Showers we only provide fully frameless showers.


Do you offer warranties on your frameless corner shower screens?


Yes. We offer 3 — 6 — 10-year warranties on our frameless corner shower screens. The various elements of your shower screen will be protected for either three years, six years or ten years. All our shower screens are constructed using the highest quality tried and tested products and installed by skilled professionals specialising in frameless showers. Our warranty applies to every shower screen we install. All warranties require that you adhere to the TFS Care and Maintenance guidelines.


What’s covered under your warranty?


3 Years


The entire shower screen including the product and workmanship is warranted for a full three years.


  • This specifically warrants that;
    • Hardware will not flake, oxidise or generally fail.
    • Glass fixing to walls and floors will not fail.
    • Silicone will not peel away, leak or crack.

6 Years


The structural integrity and components of your shower are warranted for a full six years.


  • This specifically warrants that;
  • Hardware components will not crack or fail to perform the task of securing the panels and door.
  • Silicone will not peel away or crack.

10 Years

The easy clean coating is warranted for a full 10 years.


  • This specifically warrants that;
  • The easy-clean treatment will remain in place on your shower screen.
  • The treatment will not crack, peel or discolour.


If you have any questions about our warranties please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Do you offer corner shower door replacement?


No. We only offer whole shower screen installation.


By the time your shower is ready for a new door, this is generally the thin edge of the wedge. It may have broken because the hardware has deteriorated and the adjustment of your shower is incorrect or your glass may have become etched over the decades. These are all signs that it may be time to invest in a brand new frameless shower screen to give your bathroom a lift.

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