Custom Made Shower Screens

At Trinity, we specialise in frameless custom shower screens. Our dedication gives us a broad depth of knowledge and a unique perspective. Our bespoke shower screens can be tailored to suit any size and layout of bathroom. You may be after a simple fixed panel or a custom size shower screen specifically designed to suit a tricky space. Whatever your inspiration and requirement, our custom built shower screens are sure to fit and function perfectly.

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Custom built shower screens

Our stunning frameless custom shower screens are free of clunky frames and channels that cause mould and grime to accumulate. If you’ve spent years trying to wash and scrub mould from around and under a framed shower screen, you will be ready for the simplicity of a frameless shower screen. To make your shower screen even easier to clean we can offer easy clean glass which repels water and grime for 10 years at least.

If you’re at the planning stages, feel free to give us a call. We are can provide you with a wealth of knowledge that will help make all the right decisions with your bathroom renovation. A little forward planning will help you see the perfect showering oasis at a realistic price.

Our specialty builder will assess your space and create one of our unique custom shower screens that will impress.

Stunning bespoke shower screens created with shower glass made to measure

Our glass shower doors and shower glass panels can be installed in no time at all. We always make it simple with a same-day quote on all of our custom shower screens. Simply let us know your thoughts and we’ll take care of the rest.

Most of our shower screens are installed within two weeks of ordering. If you’re in a hurry we may be able to install a stock panel in a day or two.

Choose from our full of shower glass made to measure in frosted, clear, Claralite or Fluted glass.  Explore our range and browse our gallery for inspiration and get in touch today.

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Custom size shower screen

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Does my shower screen need to be custom made?


It depends on a number of factors. A fixed panel can often be installed without going to custom. For this to work, the tiling will need to be level.


My bathroom is old and my tiling may not be level. Will this be a problem?


Not at all. In fact, new bathroom tiling is often not completely level. We can easily manufacture your shower screen glass to suit out of level walls.


Can you replace my existing framed shower with a frameless shower screen?


Yes. Sometimes there is tiling missing underneath the frame that a frameless shower cannot cover. If this is the case, and you want to avoid tile repairs, we would use a small channel section at the bottom of the shower. This method will give you most of the visual benefits of a frameless shower screen and will be easier to clean than your old framed shower screen.


I can’t find exactly the configuration of shower I want on the website. Can you make what I want?

Yes. We can make any size and layout of frameless shower screen.


Can you make my shower quicker than 2 weeks?


Chances are we can. We can cut and process glass in house to speed up the lead time. Depending on our workload, we may be able to measure, produce and install a custom shower in 2 days. Just ask.


Why is custom made more expensive than pre made?


Pre made panels are bulk produced in volume overseas and shipped to Australia. A custom made shower is cut, processed and toughened in here in NSW. The volume overseas approach has a significant labour cost saving component.




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