Showers in frameless glass are the composition of choice for discerning architects, builders and homeowners alike.

Your selection of a made to measure shower, affords you greater  control over your shower screen designs.

Shower screen ideas for designing your shower

  • Claralite  glass increases the perception of space
  • Aligning the top of the screen with the bathroom shaving cabinet looks purposeful
  • Frameless slider will save door swing space
  • Evaluate shower size in context of space and other fixtures
  • Fixed panel shower provides a stripped back look
  • A swinging door over the bath makes it easier than a fixed over bath panel
  • Increased shower size reduces water spotting from shower door
  • Shower head should not direct water at shower door
  • There should be sufficient fall on floor tiles inside shower and outside shower
  • Shower cubicle forms an envelope of steam better than a shower  that doesn’t form a cubicle
  • Chrome plated hardware is the most durable finish selection.
  • EnduroShield reduces cleaning effort.
  • Frameless showers will allow varying amounts of water spotting outside cubicle.