• Machined from solid cast brass
  • Sprung mechanism
  • Hexagonal head machine screws internal face
  • 5mm plate thickness
  • Square finishing detail
  • 3 year warranty


  • Chrome – electroplated over polished substrate
  • Matt Black – PVD over flat substrate
  • Matt White – PVD over flat substrate
  • Brushed Nickel – PVD over brushed substrate
  • Brushed Brass – PVD over brushed substrate
  • Gunmetal Grey – PVD over flat substrate


  • 90° opening in + out
  • Self closing from 25° approximately
  • Self aligning within 5° approximately


Straight Hinges, Shower Door Straight Hinges,


Straight Hinges, Shower Door Straight Hinges,


Straight Hinges, Shower Door Straight Hinges,

Trinity Frameless Showers - Straight Hinges

Our straight hinge is cast and machined from brass alloy, weighing in at almost 1kg. The robust body is fitted with twin springs that are integral to a smooth soft closing action. The mechanism has been tested in service of countless installations, with varying height, width and weight doors. Brass hinges are ideally suited for finishing with a variety of electroplated, powder coated and PVD finishes. These architectural finishes are applied over the substrate once polished or brushed, dependant on the desired aesthetic. Chrome plating is the traditional choice in finish, with matt black being popular for some time now. Brushed Nickel has emerged to replace satin chrome, and brushed brass has been trending since 2020. Trinity recently added gunmetal grey to match new tapware ranges, and has stepped forward of trend with a matt white range. Our straight frameless hinge is ideally suited to a variety of shower screen layouts. The corner shower is our most popular product, which can be made in a wide range of sizes. The heavy construction of the hinge, make it suited to doors weighing up to 35kg and 700mm in width. The addition of a third hinge can make a shower with an extra wide and tall door. The hinge comes in glass to glass, and glass to wall variants, meaning the door can be hinged off the wall if required by layout, function or architectural design. When hinging off the wall, it is only recommended where structural fixing can be achieved. The Trinity frameless straight hinge will open in 90 degrees and outwards 90 degrees, with the doors holding in the open position both on the inside and the outside of the arc. The self closing action engages around 25 to 30 degrees, and locates the door to around 5 degrees of he closed position. This soft close and hold functions are greatly useful with handling the glass door weight, making for high functionality, with a high end design feel in use. Contact us or look through our website to find out what we can do for you. Choose Trinity Frameless Showers because you want the best.