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Frameless Shower Price

Frameless Shower price – it’s so hard to find online?! Shower Screens Price-custom frameless-Sydney-Newcastle

Shower Screen Price – It’s not hard with us!

Here’s how to get your shower screen price (Estimate 2 minutes.);

Shower Screens Price - frameless next to bath shower screen
Click to get next-to-bath frameless shower price


  • Click here or the image above
  • Input your style and measurements
  • Fill out the inquiry.
  • Get your fixed price same day.
  • No call backs, no follow ups or pressure sellers.


Can i get my frameless shower screen for $200?

You can get a pre-made shower screen for close to $200.

The catch………………..

Pre made frameless shower screens only really work over a shower tray.

 Shower Screen price frameless diamond corner shower screen
Click to get diamond corner frameless shower price


If you have a shower tray and can pick up and install yourself, here are some prices;

900 X 2000 fixed panel;

900 x 900 x 2000 corner shower;

Read some more about your decision between Pre-made or custom.

Shower Screen price wall-to-wall frameless shower screen
Click to get wall-to-wall frameless shower price


Why are pre-made frameless shower screens made if they don’t fit tiled floors?


In Australia we build to extremely high standards,

but also quite differently to the rest of the world in this regard. We are one of the only countries that use waterproofing in bathrooms.

Most other countries use shower trays as opposed to tiled shower floors. Most other countries don’t use floor wastes outside the shower (like we do).

Why is there such a difference in price?

A Pre-made shower screen price is lower, primarily because they are made over seas in bulk (by the tens of thousands) and shipped all over the world.

A custom screen is cut, processed and toughened here in Australia on a per piece basis. Those factors impact upon the overall

 Shower Screen Price - corner frameless shower screen
Click to get corner frameless shower price



shower screen price.

Typically, when you’re looking at pre-made pricing, you need to pick up and install yourself. With a custom frameless shower screen, the provider will site measure and then return to deliver and install.


Is the quality the same?

You may have heard stories in the media recently about imploding glass

and showerscreens being taken off the shelves is Bunnings.

Like most imported product, there is good and bad. It is the seller that chooses the product quality to on-sell, so you are relying on their expertise. Cheap imported stuff is generally poor quality.

That’s not to say that all pre-made imported screens are poor quality, some are not.

Shower Screen price frameless fixed panel shower screen
Click to get fixed panel frameless shower price

The value proposition

Of course it’s hard to compare two things which are fundamentally different. In a nutshell it is likely that pre-made will be lesser quality at a lower price. That lesser price is likely to result in a finished product that does not fit as well or appear as neat as a custom product. The glass and hardware are likely to be higher quality in a custom shower screen.

Our opinion

A custom made shower screen is a superior choice for installation in any bathroom.


At Trinity

Shower Screen price Over bath frameless shower screen
Click to get over bath frameless shower price


Our glass and hardware quality is second to none.

All of our installed shower screens are supported by our 3-6-10 year warranty



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